We design creative web designs with semantic, valid and well-structured HTML codes.

We develop very well structered backend with lots of easy-to-learn features and customizations.

Every business, whether online or offline, needs marketing. Using all present resources for marketing is our speciality.

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TJ Solutions is a growing web solutions company providing various services like web development, web design, digital marketing, SEO etc. Established in 2012, mission of our company is to help businesses to create their own unique presence online. Since last 3 years, we have been empowering many businesses and various organizations on the web with our high quality services.

We are a bunch of young enthusiastic IT experts who believe in futuristic approach and with that thought, we provide extensive technical services to our clients. Our innovative ideas always exceed the client expectations and all our services comes under competitive pricing. With professional web development and our expertise in search engine optimization, we offer a bigger growth to your business online. We build the online presence of an organization with latest technologies and keep up with the standard of industry.

About TJ Solutions

Why Hire Us?

Because we can easily understand how to deal with your swag

Creative and Responsive Designs

We develop web designs which are creative and unique as well as powerful in terms of their ability to look good on all resolutions. Every web design we create are 100% screen adaptable, so that you don’t lose your customers reach due to various devices.

Easy to Customize

Our codes are flawless with less complications. Our engineers build the code in such a manner that if you have got an inhouse management team, they can understand what’s going on within seconds. Clutter free codes help any technical team understand the backstage developments easily.

SEO Ready

The products we deliver are SEO ready. Search Engine visibility depends strongly on the website design and codes written beneath them. So your website under the hood is already SEO friendly because our developers are trained to do so. The website will receive instant growth as it will be search engine friendly right from the beginning.

Clean Strategy

Our development strategy remains very simple. All you have to do is share your idea with us and we will build your idea into a real online venture for you. We have One stop solution for all your needs. We provide services ranging from Logo design to data management etc.

Thousands of Options

Whether you are a company who wants to mark an online presence or a businessman who wants to sell his products online via E-commerce, we can help you grow online. We provide all types of e-Solutions & SEO services which can help you create your online identity in no time.

Awesome Support

We built our support system with a belief that our clients are always on top priority. No product can be maintained well if its original developer does not look over it. Therefore, we always try to support our clients with minimum pricing so that his business grows online without any problems and worries.

Your website throws the first impression of your work. In today's world, even if your business is offline, new customers tend to search your name over the internet before contacting you. So, your presence online is a must for your business to grow and it will definitely impact your customer's psychology. Within 8 seconds of his attention span, he will decide whether he want's to associate with you or not. Our work will do the magic within 8 seconds and hold your customer for you.

How will we do it?

  • Simple and Interactive Websites - A smart front page of your business so that it conveys the exact message about your business.
  • Easy Navigation - The structure of your website will provoke users to surf for more detail within your site.
  • Pocket Friendly - What else is better that someone building your dreams and ideas within your budget.
Web Solutions

You have a product and want to sell it online? Or, you run a successful business offline through your shop but don't have any experience to sell your products online? TJ Solutions offers many products which can help you set up a shop online where you can sell the products with hassle free experience. All you have to do is, build your product and leave rest of the stress on our team. We offer many e-commerce services from managing your products online to generating leads for your products or if you have your own team then we can help build an e-commerce website for you.

  • Attractive UI- We build e-commerce with attractive design so that it encourage consumers to browse more.
  • Strong Backend - We develop a very strong and secure backend for your e-commerce. Your data needs to be safe from other people.
  • Easier Management - We develop e-commerce platform that are easy to manage.
  • Reports and Analysis - We provide our clients with day to day reports and analyze their growing charts. Our research provide them proper data to check on their business growth online.

Mobile applications are one of the fastest growing technologies in the world today. Every growing business want their mobile app to be distributed worldwide. TJ Solutions provide development services for Android and iOS apps with innovative and creative ideas. Easy to navigate apps are more likely to attract customers and we have an expertise in it.

What we can do?

  • Feature Rich Apps - We work hard to make your app have a rich feel.
  • Easy Navigation - Applications are not user friendly if they lag in use. Our designs are focussed on easy navigations of the app without any lags.
  • Extensive Testing - We extensively test the app on various devices making it crash less and work efficiently.
  • Conversion Optimization Strategy - We help you strategize the conversion of your organic visitors to potential customers.
Mobile Development

No business can thrive anywhere if it doesn't have a proper marketing and advertising. And in case of online, digital marketing plays a vital role in developing a business. TJ Solutions can help your product to get an identity on the internet by using proper marketing techniques.

What we can do?

  • Search Engine Optimization - We toil to bring your website genuine and organic visitors via search engines.
  • Social Media Marketing - Effective social media marketing can bring your customers closer to your brand and help you build a positive social presence all over the networks.
  • Pay-per-click Management - An optimized PPC marketing can improve your profitability and growth online.
  • Conversion Optimization Strategy - We help you strategize the conversion of your organic visitors to potential customers.
Digital Marketing


It has always been a pleasure working with TJ Solutions. Team's support for our products is amazing. We would definitely recommend TJ Solutions.

Sanjit Chohan

We worked with TJ Solutions for an ecommerce development project and the dedication their team has got is mind blowing. They are well trained in their field. Kudos to them.

Prasun Bannerjee
Tick Tech Toe

We required a full-fledged platform for our stock tips website and TJ Solutions stood upon all our expectations. We got delivered the exact product which was required.

Abhas Agrawal

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