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People are creating products everyday. Several of them just want to create and inspire the world. But when you also want to make a business out of it, it’s hard to focus on the art of creation. Because you have to look for web development, sales, product catalogues, logistics, payments and other stuff that is required to run a successful ecommerce website. But what if, someone tells you to focus only on your products and your art and the rest will be taken care of? Isn’t it great when all the inconveniences and struggle of building a brand, managing an ecommerce just vanishes in a snap?

You ain’t dreaming though because TJ Solutions can provide you with the solutions (Duh! Its in our name). We are expertised in managing the ecommerce business online where all our client has to do is build products. Everything else that is required to run the best ecommerce website in India or anywhere else globally, shall be managed by our team.


Invite Customers and be their Best Host. We will take care of the Party Management.

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How we do it?

Well, the magician never tells you his secrets. ;) Actually the process is very simple and there are no secrets for our clients. We evaluate the business and its goals which is required to properly prepare the strategy for the ecommerce growth online. Once the milestones are set, we start working on our customised ecommerce strategies.

People often think that it takes a lot of time to create the ecommerce website and they can start their business soon. But it’s never like that if your ecommerce strategies and ecommerce website development is handled by TJ Solutions. We choose the best ecommerce technologies needed as per the requirements and deliver the ecommerce platform within days and you can start selling your products in just a matter of days.

But starting an ecommerce website will not make your business flourish. Why? Well, nobody knows about your presence and your brand online. It needs more work to establish a trust between you and your buyers. A lot of time and energy is invested in the making of your brand online. Any ecommerce, that wants to have some serious business online, need a lot of digital marketing (We told you it’s not easy to run a business online). So, don’t worry, you still have to look only after building products and the rest will be taken care of by TJ Solutions