Mistakes Businesses Make
A seminar by Mr. Prakash Bang

January 14, 2017 @ Udaipur


P.P. Singhal Auditorium, UCCI, Udaipur


January 14, 2017


12:00 PM onwards


Mr. Prakash Bang

About the conference

Prakash has a very simple belief: "If you have gas, you will fart. To deliver you need substance."

A marketing claim, even though if it’s a fact, won’t work in the marketplace. “Quality”, “better than the other”, “efficient service” and the likes are no longer effective. Not that these attributes are not important. They are - therefore customers take that as their right - and expect something more. You need substance that will differentiate you from the others.

The workshop will encourage you to see your product or service in a different light.

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Our Speaker

A true entrepreneur, Prakash started his career at age 14 with a capital of Rs 2000. He developed successful businesses with ideas and practices that were ahead of their times.

Prakash Bang


He is founder of www.roomsXML.com, www.YoGoYo.com, www.quiksel.com. He and his ideas have been featured many times in major Indian publications. A good man manager, each of the business he built is doing well today under the able supervision and day to day management by qualified professionals. Prakash never took up a job. He had no experience of what it is to work as an employee; he was always his own boss and had nobody to pass the buck.

While pursuing his business, Prakash completed his graduation in Science and post-graduation in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. Member of the Indian Management Association, Prakash, a sought-after speaker, is a visiting faculty at many management institutes, various Universities and sits on the Board of Directors of companies in India & abroad

What are participants saying

Screw your competitor

Business is marketing and marketing is all about being one-up than the competitor. But before a marketer attempts to tighten the screws, he would have to face some questions:

I have a better product but why does the competitor sell more ?

How can my offer be seen in a different light ?

My brand has been around for many years. Is it time to take a dig at it ?

Will I be able to apply marketing creativity to my kind of product ?

Is high price a taboo for marketers in India ?

You will be enlightened with the answers for all the above questions at the seminar.

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